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Mobile engagement is a function that should integrate completely with your broader business. Of course, it might be the case that you feel your retail operation has to change to embrace mobile, but they should still align. Starfish 360 has a well-established, tried and tested, highly coherent, technology agnostic, five-stage approach to delivering mobile customer engagement programmes for retailers.

In every case, however, the journey starts with you.

  • What do you want to achieve and why?
  • What's your current position, and what challenges and opportunities do you face?
  • Who are your customers and what will make them take action?
  • What will success look like?

Starfish 360's independent view and unique perspective will help you identify positive steps you can take to use mobile to engage your customers in powerful new ways. You can provide improved service, drive greater loyalty, generate additional revenue, cut costs and achieve strong returns on investment.

Business & Market Assessment
Customer Behaviour Analysis
Mobile Strategy Defined
Mobile Enablement
Mobile Engagement

Step 1. Business & Market Assessment

We assess your business and the markets you operate in from every angle. Based on your objectives or business challenges, we create a baseline against which decisions can be made in order to define the best strategy.


  • Gathering information about your business, your objectives, financial performance, drivers and challenges
  • Analysing processes and structures for developing, executing and supporting marketing campaigns and customer interactions
  • Assessing current marketing, sales and customer strategies


  • An effective decision-making framework for budget allocation
  • Clear returns on investment for mobile marketing and commerce
  • Enhanced, personalised, engaging mobile user experience
  • Improved overall marketing effectiveness
  • A mobile strategy that is aligned with your overall business

Step 2. Customer Behaviour Analysis

We assess your customers' behaviour to understand what mobile services and content - if any - is most likely to be attractive to them. This is essential to developing an effective customer engagement strategy and planning promotional activity.


  • Gathering customer and marketing information, both current and historical, from inside and outside the company, and from across all channels
  • Analysing the data to identify potential target customer segments for mobile marketing
  • Finally prioritising the target customer segments


  • More effective marketing efforts and greater customer engagement
  • Increased revenues, reduced cost of sale, so greater returns on investment
  • Positive brand differentiation through well-targeted campaigns
  • Enhanced brand awareness and reputation through innovative marketing

Step 3. Mobile Strategy Defined

We define the objectives for your mobile customer engagement strategy, which are then developed, refined and finalised. We also consider, plan and document for project delivery.


  • Defining your mobile customer engagement strategy to support overall business objective
  • Creating mobile commerce and marketing programmes that support specific business objectives - including defining customer segments, mobile channels and anticipated returns on investment
  • Preparing proposals and recommendations for enablement, engagement and implementation
  • Planning for project delivery by considering creative, partner recommendation, resources, timescales and project management


  • A clear understanding of what mobile customer engagement means for your business, and what tools are needed to support it
  • Improved customer experience through fully integrated mobile interaction
  • Your team is empowered to take proactive action as the result of a 360 degree engagement structure
  • Improved return on investment from every interaction on mobile, providing appropriate channels for each customer

Step 4. Mobile Enablement

We create the environment and integrate the infrastructure through which you can develop, deliver and analyse your mobile customer engagement programme


  • A review of current back-office systems, processes and procedures, including reporting, to determine how best to integrate with new technical platforms
  • Identifying which technologies must be supported to best serve your mobile channel needs, based on the information gathered during the mobile strategy review process
  • Determining the resourcing requirements for your new mobile infrastructure


  • A single integrated management view, and the capability to report on all mobile activity
  • The ability to generate mobile sales activity
  • Relevant data connectivity to and from back-office systems to support operations

Step 5. Mobile Engagement

When your mobile environment is ready, we work with you to maximise your mobile potential with tailored activity.


  • Developing customer engagement strategies, with specific activity to target segments of your customer database and effectively exploit the mobile channel
  • Implementing a training plan for those responsible for managing the mobile engagement strategy
  • Executing fully integrated mobile communication programmes through our integration platform
  • Providing you with the tools to monitor and manage your ongoing communication strategies so you can ensure continuous improvement of future initiatives


  • Maximised ratio of offer to conversion
  • Increased speed of adoption
  • Informed decision making for future engagement strategies
  • Rapid return on investment from any mobile, 360 degree multi-channel campaign or engagement strategy with your brand
Business & Market Assessment Customer Behaviour Analysis Mobile Strategy Defined Mobile Enablement Mobile Engagement

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